Wednesday 18 February 2009

To crop or not to crop

Below are two photos, both of which show the original uncropped image and the zoomed in cropped version. Both were taken with low ISO of 400, so neither will yield any noise or graininess. The smaller original images are perhaps a bit record-shot-ish, but for those who like a full-frame photo, then as long as the original is in good focus, you can keep cropping until the picture pixelates. The two larger images was the furthest I could go.

Both were taken last week on Marazion Beach, an area where one can spend all day exploring in superb light.


  1. Hi Steve
    As you can see on my blog I like to crop until I get a good pic with as little distractions as possible. And as always stated by most pros fill the frame.
    Great Pics by the way.

  2. Cheers Monts. Thanks for the comments.