Monday 22 March 2010

Jackdaw courtship behaviour

Below are some images of adult Jackdaws displaying some interesting courtship behaviour.  The male is on the left and the duller female is simulating the begging, courtship-feeding and pair-formation process.  The pairing involves an extended process of familiarisation, which happened three times very quickly in front of us at Marazion yesterday.  Within seconds it's all over.  The male bird is also interesting in that it is showing some quite strong characteristics of one of the eastern races, eg. the pale collar and white crescents as well as a hint of blue in the crown and generally dappled appearance.

EXIF Detail: Aperture priority.  Ap F/6.3.  Shutter speed 1/400s.  Exposure -0.3EV.  ISO 125.  WB Cloudy.  Focal length: 600mm. Tripod mounted.


  1. These are the shots I love, behaviour images are brilliant

  2. these are really lovely pictures, thank you... and well done.