Sunday 7 March 2010

Cornish natural history on You Tube

John Chapple has loaded on to You Tube "A compilation of Dragonflies and Damselflies to be found in Cornwall".  Some stunning footage can be found by clicking; here .

In addition, John is working on a Birds in Cornwall 2008 DVD. Commentary is being compiled as we speak (no pun intended). A sample of top footage can again be viewed on You Tube via the link: here

Viewers can also subscribe to John's "Channel" on You Tube via this link The channel is called chippler01 .

(This Northern Wheatear image was taken at St Gothians in Spring 2009.)

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  1. SUPERB. If you are lucky enough to see this post, make sure you take a few minutes out to click on the links and watch. The footage is lovely and for some reason I felt very emotional. Must be the soft music! :-) Thank you for sharing with us Steve/John.