Sunday 28 March 2010

Common birds from St Gothians today

Searching for migrants today proved fruitless as the weather deteriorated and rain "stopped play".  The best to offer are some Stonechat and Wren images, with a record shot of female Northern Wheatear for good measure.  The Wheatear was the only migrant of the day.

EXIF Detail: Aperture priority: F/5.  Shutter 1/400s.  ISO 250. WB Cloudy.Exposure -0.3EV.  Focal length 600mm. All RAW files, converted to JPG, all cropped approx 25%, except Wheatear below which is 50% cropped.


  1. Great shots Steve.The common bird can and does produce some striking images. I think Gorse makes a lovely and colourful backdrop.

  2. Wonderful captures. The backgrounds are very nice.

  3. The Birds may be common, but the photography is superb.
    Brilliant, Steve

  4. Beautiful...I especially like the one with the yellow flowers and BIG thorns.