Sunday 21 March 2010

Female Black Redstart at St Gothians

Today is the first day for over three months that I have been able use my 600 f/4.  The wrist plaster is off and for once I can feel some strength in my arm.  I had forgotten how heavy this beast of a lens actually weighs.  Once on the gimbal you soon forget that and concentrate on the subject in hand - this time an obliging Black Redstart in perfect early morning sunshine.

EXIF Detail: Aperture Priority: Ap F/6.3.  Shutter 1/160s.  Exposure -0.7EV.  ISO 125.  White Balance: Cloudy. Focal length 600mm. Tripod mounted.


  1. Wonderful shots! Congratulations.

  2. Nice Images of the Black Redstart Steve

  3. Gorgeous images Steve. Back in full swing and wrestling with the big lens already!