Monday 29 March 2010

Hoopoe records in Cornwall this Spring

A reasonable sprinkling of Hoopoe's has occurred this Spring. I managed to catch up with one at Tregiffian Farm between Lamorna and St Loy on Saturday. I spoke to the farmer's wife, who found the bird "over a week ago". She was delighted to tell me that it had fed in her garden at point blank range! My views were about 100 metres away and my photo's are too distant to mean anything, so have posted some previous images of Hoopoe taken in Cyprus last year.

Records of Hoopoe in Cornwall so far this Spring:

21st Feb: Cape Cornwall golf course.
17th March: Lizard.
21st March: Constantine.
24th March: Lizard Village.
24th March: Land's End.
26th March: Rinsey, nr Helston.
26th March: Tregiffian Farm, Lamorna.
26th March: Windmill Farm, Lizard.

(Thanks to Mashuq Ahmad for the site directions and to Dave Parker, CBWPS records).


  1. Great shot Steve

  2. Its Amazing how many has landed up in Cornwall this year.

  3. That has got to be the coolest looking bird I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing the photos of it.

  4. Hi Steve, Great images very jealous,
    Just come back from Cyprus and got a couple of distant images of a hoopoe from Larnaca salt lake. Am slowly putting images on my site gave you wrong address previously

  5. Thats a real stunner Steve, went for it on Sunday in minus visabilty (Silly Idea). So thanks for letting me see it.

  6. amazing captures have here!! i'm so glade i found your blog :) i love birds!!! thanck you!!!