Wednesday 20 April 2011

Some macro photography from Perran dunes tonight

Tonight's stunningly warm and unseasonal weather tempted me to do some macro photography at Perran dunes.  Macro is one area that I will be majoring on this year and these four shots below are my first trials this year.  Given the right weather, hopefully I will be posting a lot more through the spring and summer.  The shots were taken with a 200mm F/4 Micro Nikkor, with aperture between F/10 and F/32.

Spider spinning a web at sunset

Dandelion clock close-up taken at F/32

Dung Fly with low sun directly behind it

Micro beetle approx 3 or 4 mm long with sun behind it.


  1. Love the Dung fly image mind you the others are excellent as well.

  2. Stunning Images Steve,your first shot is amazing.
    brilliant stuff.

  3. You are in the difficult zone of photography and excelling as usual.