Friday 30 November 2012

Invasion of Bohemian Waxwings in Cornwall

The recent shift of weather from excessive rain last week to cold conditions this week has seen a relatively large invasion of Bohemian Waxwings in Cornwall.  At least 20 have been reported across the county.  This number is above the county average. Highlights have included ten at Cubert (29th Nov), two Wadebridge (29th), five Falmouth (29th), two Gerrans (29th) and one at Penzance on the 27th.  Seven were seen early this morning at Marlborough Crescent, Falmouth decreasing to five throughout the rest of the day.  (Images of these birds below).  Meanwhile, in other parts of the UK, scores have been moving south, with large numbers reaching the South Coast, the Midlands and central Wales.
Fingers crossed, we should see even more of these photogenic birds.

Notice the droppings stuck to the aerial!


  1. I have seen my very first waxwing today near St Austell it returned many times in the day to eat berries from my tree. I am delighted I even managed some decent photos to prove that I had seen it!