Tuesday 5 May 2009

A touch of sulphur

Above is a Blue-headed Wagtail type and below are some flava wagtail variants, as well as a stunning male Citrine. Flavas are tricky to assign to a specific type as there is so much regional overlap. That aside, they are stunningly bright and always make a good photo.

The above three images were taken with an older Nikon D2x and the three lower images taken with the D3x. All though were taken through the same 300mm lens. The difference in quality is obvious and clearly shows the recent improvements in technology.
Adult male Citrine Wagtail, above and below, same bird. (D2x)

Female flava wagtail below (D3x).Black-headed Wagtails below (D3x).

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  1. Steve. are the blackheads just another hybrid of the yellow wagtail.