Sunday 1 November 2009

Greenish Warbler at Church Cove, Lizard

Below are some images of the Greenish Warbler seen in Church Cove, Cornwall yesterday. The identity of this bird has changed daily since it was found mid week. Birdguides has reported it as both Green (?) and Greenish. Pirate Birder has done some good spade work though and managed to get a recording of its' call. A sonogram of the call has been confirmed by bird vocabulary expert Magnus Robb as a Greenish Warbler. It was an interesting bird though, in that several features asked some questions, eg, the pale lores, pale yellow wash to the supercilium, pale yellow wash to the ear coverts and undertail coverts and initially, the supercilium not reaching the upper bill. However, regarding the latter, on close inspection in the photos, the pale super does reach the bill. Observers also mentioned how its' general colour impression seemed to change though light and bright foliage plays a part in this respect. One could hardly say this was a typical Greenish Warbler. A more detailed account can be found on Lee Evans' blog, and also on Pirate Birding blog :

EXIF Detail; Dull light; aperture wide open at F/5.6, ISO highest available. Shutter 1/350s to 1/500s. White balance cloudy. Exposure 0.0. All images have been cropped by 33% to 45% and sharpened with the Unsharp tool. Colours are natural and unaltered.


  1. Very difficult bird to capture,so well done you.
    Brilliant set of Images.

  2. Nice one Steve - an instructive set of images.

  3. The cutting edge of birding in Cornwall again. Looks like a difficult bird to photograph and not the best lighting conditions.An Interesting and informative blog.Great for us learners.

  4. Brilliant pictures. The bird was so lively, we reckoned it needed a dose of Ritalin.
    Lynne and Alan

  5. Great first shot Steve. Must agree the light hasn't been on the photographers side over this period.

  6. Agree with Sam. It shows how well records have been kept and how far back they go.